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4D Baby Scans

4D Baby Scanning

The pending arrival of your new baby is a time for you to enjoy and cherish. The experience of planning your new arrival is an amazing phase in your life and this is my: baby can help you make the most of these very special moments.

With our comprehensive ultrasound scanning and pregnancy care services the delights of seeing your future flourish and grow in front of your eyes are moments you will treasure forever.

Your pregnancy care with the NHS usually means you will be offered only 2 pregnancy scans (a first trimester and a second mid trimester scan) with restricted appointment availability.

We understand the importance of reassurance and flexibility in your pregnancy care so.this is my: baby offers a medically supported, personal and comprehensive ultrasound service including astounding 4d baby scans, which you can choose and book at any time from 6 to 42 weeks. A personal, written fetal growth and well-being report is issued with all ultrasound scans. In the event that a problem is identified, our expert team will make the necessary arrangements for your follow-up care.

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As leaders in our field, for accurate results you can trust, your pregnancy scan will always be carried out by fully qualified and accredited specialists. Should you require more reassurance, or you have concerns about your pregnancy that you would like to discuss with one of our expert obstetric fetal medicine consultants, we can arrange an appointment with you on a Tuesday or Thursday morning, at a small extra charge.

All our obstetric imaging team are first trimester accredited and audited by the fetal medicine foundation our individual registration for nuchal tranclucency, nose bone, ductus venosus and uterine Doppler can be validated by visiting: https://courses.fetalmedicine.com/lists/specialist

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All our ultrasound pregnancy scans are carried out in private rooms with seating for you and your relatives. The overhead dedicated monitor allows you the perfect view of your baby’s first images, whilst our ultrasound specialists talk you through every step.

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You will be given black and white photographs of your ultrasound scan. For a small extra charge we can also provide a short film of your baby scan on a DVD, or transfer your pictures onto a CD, allowing you to take home these cherished memories of your baby’s first images.

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Our extended and flexible pregnancy scan appointment system means you can be seen at a time and date that suits you.

Screening Options

For more information about screening, please refer to our Screening Options Page

Our services:

Below is a list of the Pregnancy screening services we offer along with the recommended pregnancy stage for best results, if you are unsure of your stage of pregnancy, please start with the Pregnancy gestation calculator:

Gestation Calculator

Any Time Read More
Use the pregnancy due date calculator to work out approximately when your baby is due to be born, working from the first day of your last period.

Early Reassurance / Dating Scan

6-18 Weeks Read More
The early stages in life are the most critical time. It is reassuring to know everything is as it should be.

Nuchal & Down’s Syndrome Screening

11-13 & 14-20 Weeks Read More
Everyone recognises the Nuchal scan as a screening test for Downs Syndrome however, the first trimester of your pregnancy should be seen as much more.

Pre- Eclampsia Screening

11-13 Weeks Read More
Pre-eclampsia occurs in around 1 in 50 pregnancies, and is high blood pressure in pregnancy.

Anomaly Scan

18-24 Weeks Read More
The anomaly scan is performed to check the structural development and growth of the baby.

Gender Scan

18-42 Weeks Read More
Using Ultrasound, we can determine the gender of your baby.

Late Pregnancy Growth Scan

24-42 Weeks Read More
The late pregnancy fetal growth scan is a check of your baby’s development and size after 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Late Pregnancy Well-Being Scan

24-42 Weeks Read More
The late pregnancy well-being scan is a check of your baby’s development and size after 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Presentation Scan

34-42 Weeks Read More
The presentation scan identifies the position of your baby.

Placental Site Scan

34-42 Weeks Read More
Occasionally the placenta can be reported as low-lying at an earlier scan in your pregnancy.

Early Reassurance Package

6-12 Weeks Read More
A comprehensive series of ultrasound pregnancy scans and screening tests at a significantly reduced price.

Well-being Care Package

6-42 Weeks Read More
A comprehensive series of ultrasound pregnancy scans and screening tests at a significantly reduced price.

Complete Care Package

6-42 Weeks Read More
For those who want the optimal screening and pregnancy care this package is for you.

Total Care Package

6-42 Weeks Read More
All the components of the complete care package plus screening for three of the most common inherited genetic conditions.

Consultant Care Package

6-42 Weeks Read More
Your future little star sometimes needs that extra reassurance and star treatment.

4D Baby Scan Package

25-32 Weeks Read More
See your baby in glorious 4D, using our revolutionary ultrasound techniques.

Cervical Length Scan

16+ Weeks Read More
Ultrasound scanning is used to assess the length of the cervix in women at high risk of preterm birth.

Vasa Praevia Scan

11+ Weeks Read More
Vasa previa, although a rare condition, is a serious pregnancy complication that occurs in an estimated 1 in 2,500 pregnancies.

Midwife Antenatal Care

6-42 Weeks Read More
midwife antenatal care from 6 – 20 weeks and antenatal classes from 20 – 40 weeks. Group classes and individual consultations available with private midwife

Pregnancy Physiotherapy

6-42 Weeks Read More
Helping to prepare the pregnant body for an easier delivery and quick recovery process.
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