Fertility Overview


Helping you to a new future

There are an increasing number of couples travelling abroad for fertility treatment. This has led us to develop a strong international program and links with fertility centres throughout Europe and further afield in the USA. Unlike in the UK, egg and semen donation is usually anonymous. The identity of the donor is never revealed which means that the supply of eggs, semen and embryos is more readily available.

We will closely monitor your fertility treatment through regular check-ups prior to the actual day of treatment or transfer. We will usually take a series of blood tests and ultrasound scans, initially to check that all is ready to proceed with the fertility treatment and secondly that the treatment or work-up is going according to plan. This can be difficult and costly when you are hundreds of miles from your chosen fertility centre.

We aim to take the stress out of your fertility treatment which will hopefully help towards a successful outcome.

We offer a comprehensive range of ultrasound and blood testing services which complement your fertility treatment at your chosen centre. Our services alleviate the need to take numerous trips and spend vast times abroad.


Your fertility test results will be clearly explained to you along with a full, detailed fertility report. All reports and images are given in a format which you will be able to email directly to your health professional or fertility centre. This allows the images and report to be easily interpreted so treatment can be scheduled with greater accuracy.

Working closely with you and your health professional or fertility centre, we will ensure continuity of care every step of the way and take care of any follow-up that should be required

This is my clinics offer a range of services. Click on the links below or visit our individualized pages for both female and male specific tests.