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this is my: London Mayfair

this is my: London Screening Centre
134 Harley Street London,

Phone: 0113 262 1675
Email: [email protected]


Central London
East London
Milton Keynes
South London
St Albans
West London
South of England


Baby: All excluding Consultant Care

Body: All, excluding; MSK.

Fertility: Full service

DNA: Full service

Referrals accepted:



Parking: On street parking.

This is my: a national screening and ultrasound service

Our Head Office is based just south of Leeds City Centre only 5 minutes walking distance from Leeds train station at 93 Water Lane. We have 7 other cross UK centre locations in Coventry, Durham, Halifax, Hull, Liverpool, London and Manchester with expansion plans for further centres in the coming months.

All our centres offer spacious, relaxed and modern environments with examination and scan rooms with dedicated seating for you, and should you choose, your relatives and friends too.

We use modern diagnostic imaging systems which enable us to deliver some of the highest performing, crisp and clear ultrasound imaging available today.

Our centres have the capabilities of allowing us to image many parts of the body.

this is my: baby is dedicated to pregnancy services. We offer the NEW non invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) for chromosomal conditions including Down’s, Edwards’ and Patau’s syndromes with an accuracy of >99% from the first trimester at 10 weeks. We also have a full range of ultrasound pregnancy services and can image the pregnancy for reassurance, growth and wellbeing from 6 – 42 weeks including screening for pre-eclampsia. We also offer 4 dimensional baby bonding scans and gender identification from 16+ weeks.

this is my: body images body structures including abdominal, pelvic, vascular and musculoskeletal, a rapidly growing market for private ultrasound imaging to avoid sometimes lengthy NHS waiting lists. We have a dedicated Musculoskeletal staff who have specialised in the field of imaging for many years.

this is my: fertility offers a fertility monitoring service for couples going abroad for IVF treatment who require local UK support for endometrial scans and follicle tracking scans plus any supporting blood tests.

this is my: dna and genetics provides peace of mind screening for a whole range of inherited genetic conditions including Cystic Fibrosis, Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Fragile X Syndrome. We also have a specific Jewish carrier screening test, Alef8, which screens 8 common conditions which are prevalent to the Ashkenazi Jewish population including Tay Sachs, Blooms Syndrome and Anemia Fanconi.

this is my: phlebotomy is there should all you require is a blood sample taking for a required test. We have trained staff on hand to help you with this requirement should you need it.

this is my: continually strives for clinical excellence and employs a specialist team of consultants, sonographers, counsellors, researchers and support staff so that it can deliver proven medical breakthroughs and advanced practices as quickly as possible for the benefit of all.

this is my: limited is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) the independent regulator of health care in England for Diagnostic and/or screening services.

this is my: offers affordable pricing, extended opening hours and availability of same day appointments makes it accessible to all.

Our expertise is your reassurance.