Ultrasound Antenatal Packages

Early Pregnancy Reassurance Package

The risk of miscarriage decreases with advancing gestational age. By 12 weeks it is predicted that the chance of taking your baby home is 98%. A series of 4 early pregnancy scans between 6 – 17 weeks gestation are reassuring for those looking for peace of mind in the early crucial stages of pregnancy.

When do I have my pregnancy scans?

Singleton: £250
Multiple: £350

Well-being Pregnancy Care Package

The NHS usually offers you only 2 scans, a first trimester scan at 12 weeks and a mid trimester scan at 20 weeks. This package complements your NHS pregnancy scans and gives you reassurance during those gap months.

When do I have my pregnancy scans?

Complete Pregnancy Care Package

For those who want the optimal screening and pregnancy care this package is for you. In the early stages, a pregnancy scan can be reassuring to know that all is well. Addmark® & Pre-eclampsia screens give you the optimal 1st trimester screening. The 20-week guided tour of your baby’s anatomy gives you total reassurance. Knowing all is well will allow you to enjoy the experience of a Diamond 4D scan package between 25—30 weeks and the additional late well-being scan at approximately 34—36 weeks completes the care.

When do I have my pregnancy scans?

Total Pregnancy Care Package

The Total Care Package includes all components from the Complete Care Package below, plus screening for three of the most common inherited genetic conditions: Fragile-X syndrome (FXS), Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and cystic fibrosis (CF).

When do I have my pregnancy scans?