ThisIsMy: Sports Medicine Clinic at Chelsea FC

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Sports Medicine team visit Chelsea FC for Conference on June 2017

On the 22nd June 2017, Dr Allan Johnston and colleagues from the thisismy:Sports Medicine team visited the home of the Premier League Champions, Chelsea FC, to support a ground-breaking new Sports Medicine conference.

‘The Mental Health of Athletes -Who Cares?’ was the first national conference of its kind, and introduced the growing specialty of Sports Psychiatry to the Sports Medicine world.

Dr Johnston, a Sports Psychiatry Doctor based at thisismy:Sports Medicine clinic in Leeds, was chair of this exciting event featuring speakers from across UK Sports Medicine. Delegates attending enjoyed talks on a range of topics including A Psychiatrist working in Sport (Professor Steve Peters), Duty of Care (Dr Rod Jaques), Overtraining Syndrome (Professor John Rogers) and our own Dr Johnston on Prehabilitation and Resilience.

Dr Johnston’s talk drew on his years of experience in Sports Psychiatry to discuss wellbeing and performance strategies employed at the thisismy:Sports Medicine clinic in Leeds to help athletes and non-athletes alike with issues of self-confidence, motivation, positivity and developing mental resilience in advance of future stress.

Our thanks to The Education & Training Network, a Leeds based medical education provider for hosting the event and inviting our support. We look forward to this becoming an annual fixture in the Sports Medicine calendar.
Sports Medicine team including Dr Allan Johnston at Chelsea FC