this is my: Client Testimonials

From those surveys completed and received back at this is my:
100% Found our staff helpful and informative
98% Would recommend us to their friends and family
82% Rated our service EXCELLENT and the rest as GOOD


What our clients say about this is my: private ante-natal midwife classes in Leeds:

“Very informal and able to ask anything at all”

“Really enjoyed the ante-natal classes.  The covered everything and Denise was really helpful”

“Nice relaxed and open for questions”

100% of people attending the private ante-natal 4 week classes in Leeds would recommend our service

What our clients say:

NG – Manchester – I had my scan at around 26 weeks in the Manchester clinic. The lady was lovely, amazing quality on the screen and brilliant pictures, lots of them as well. She fit me in last minute (even though she wasn’t actually properly open that day) as I had been let down elsewhere. I couldn’t recommend this place enough!

C.J booked an early pregnancy scan in Hull and told us -Lovely lady and brilliant service, very patient and is great at giving information/answering questions.

S.D from Harrogate booked a Private 1st Trimester Nuchal Screening in Leeds because The Addmark test uses more markers to test for Downs syndrome than the scan offered by the NHS.

A.G booked a Nuchal scan in Leeds because I needed a Nuchal scan urgently as I was about to pass the window for the scanning option.

R.B from Whitby booked a private early pregnancy scan and Genmark? 2nd trimester screening in Leeds. When we asked would you recommend our services, we were delighted to read this reply I have done!! I have a friend who found out she was pregnant and due a couple of weeks after me. I recommended Leeds this is my: as she wanted to be screened for downs but we were both on holiday at the time for the NHS test.

Z.V booked a Silver 4D baby scan in Leeds, and was recommended by a friend.

K.R booked an early pregnancy scan in Hull because after suffering a miscarriage 3 months before this pregnancy, I have been very worried so decided to pay and have an early scan as the NHS will not scan until 12 weeks, unfortunately my scan showed I had a blighted ovum, this is the 2nd consecutive miscarriage I have suffered. Judith was very professional and helpful even though this was the worst possible outcome from the scan I would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks to her.

L.M attended the Leeds Screening Centre for an early pregnancy scan and told us -I came here first as I started bleeding and wanted a scan. Had to wait a week to be seen at the NHS. As I was very anxious I was bleeding at 10 weeks, unfortunately the pregnancy was non viable. I was distraught but the staff were reassuring and actually made me come out feeling positive about trying again. I have just returned for a 10 week scan I was able to take my parents in for support. I am pleased to say I have a healthy baby, the staff took time showing me my scan and explaining fully what we were looking at. Thank you for making this a special moment for me!.

L.C booked a 20 week anomaly scan in Hull and told us Sonographer could not have been nicer and more helpful. Made the experience really special and will be remembered. She also gave my 2 year old daughter her own picture of her little sister which was a lovely gesture and very kind.

I’ve already told friends that I cannot rate the service highly enough, the whole experience was exactly what we hoped and more! We will be returning should we have another child.

E.H booked an early pregnancy scan in Leeds because after calling the epau at several hospitals and hearing a 72 hour wait it was good to hear. Come straight down (early pregnancy units)

E.ER from Harrogate booked a Nuchal scan in Leeds because I’d used you before, The Nuchal scan & blood test looked at more markers than the NHS and the staff were very knowledgeable and professional.

C.K was referred by a friend and attended the Leeds Screening Centre for a pregnancy dating scan, and told us why she came to this is my: It meant I could have a scan as soon as I wanted, to get peace of mind in early pregnancy and have the convenience of making an appointment to suit us.

C from Leeds was also referred by a friend to attend the Leeds Screening Centre for an early dating scan as it enabled me to get peace of mind earlier.

H.V from Huddersfield was referred to this is my: by her midwife for a pregnancy dating scan and let us know that she used us with her last pregnancy and found it very professional.

A.H attended a 4D baby scan in Leeds and had been to this is my back in 2008 with a previous pregnancy. A.H told us, All the results were explained in full, the operator was friendly and helpful and my friend came to you when there was no heart beat and wanted to double check that NHS was correct as they would not scan her to confirm.

C.T booked an early pregnancy scan in Leeds and said – Worth the money for the reassurance and the customer service matches the price perfectly . I’d been before in my first pregnancy, and wanted reassurance this one was viable, as it had taken us a long time to fall pregnant again and I was very nervous about how things were going. On the results comment, CT said – Yes, even down to 2 cysts that were also found during the scan, not related to why I was having the scan itself. The offer of sending the results on to my GP surgery was also very thorough and helpful.

E.H from Ripon was referred by her midwife for Nuchal testing at the Leeds Screening Centre and told us Came to Leeds screening centre with my first pregnancy. Had NHS testing initially, but wanted some reassurance! E.H has already recommended this is my: to her friends ! Thank you E.H

G.M from Leeds booked 1st trimester screening at this is my: Leeds Screening Centre because – I had the Addmark screening during my last pregnancy and was pleased with the service received, so decided to book again for this pregnancy.

C.H from Huddersfield was referred by her midwife and booked an early reassurance pregnancy scan in Leeds and told us that – I was worried early on in the pregnancy due to a previous miscarriage & the NHS wouldn’t give me one early enough, so my midwife said there was a place in Leeds that did scans. I rung to enquire & the receptionist answered all my questions, I booked it there & then over the phone, it was great as there was no waiting list. At only £80 for peace of mind I didn’t hesitate to book a scan straight away.

We didn’t have to wait for an appointment & we weren’t waiting around when we went for the scan. All the staff were very friendly & everything was explained clearly to us. We are going back to the centre to have a 4D scan as we so happy with everything at the early scan.

L.C from Manchester booked a Nuchal Scan with this is my: because of a friend referral and the internet and would recommend our service.

J.H from Leeds booked Addmark Down’s Syndrome Screening and was referred by her midwife to attend this is my: because of – Peace of mind and also because you offer better screening services than NHS.

S.W referred by her GP booked Addmark Down’s Syndrome Screening and then a 20 week scan in Leeds and told us – As a more elderly Mum-to-be, I was aware of the increased risk of abnormalities, especially Down’s. I wanted to have reliable tests that could give me an answer early in my pregnancy. Although I could have had the tests performed at the local NHS hospital, they had just started doing the tests so had no accuracy data, and I would have had to wait 3 weeks for the results.

L. from Manchester booked a Cleft Lip and Palate 4D scan and was referred by a CLAPA nurse specialist. Laura told us – I had a lot of questions and they was all answered and my mind was put at ease. I got really good feedback about the scan and courtesy of CLAPA I was entitled to a free 4d ultrasound scan. They call it a bonding scan and I could not fault the staff in any way from entering the building and leaving also to having my scan done the sonographer was brilliant and put my mind at ease.

S. I, booked a 4D silver ultrasound scan in Hull because of location and best price, and told us – Everything was explained step by step in a way we could understand.

L.B from Bradford booked a Down,s Syndrome Screening in Leeds because – I had scans here with my first pregnancy and was very happy with the service and quality. L.B went on to say – Always managed to get Saturday appointments to fit around my husband’s work which is great.

Anon attended the Leeds Screening centre for an early pregnancy scan, because of the good reviews off the internet.

Lisa writes about her first trimester Down’s syndrome screening in Leeds
“I had my first trimester screening with this is my: health screening and ultrasound centre in Leeds. The sonographer checked ultrasound markers for the Nuchal Fold and Nasal Bone, and conducted a full anatomy check on which includes: head, body, arms, legs, stomach, kidneys and bladder, the NHS only check the Nuchal measurement, so the private scan is much more accurate. I was also offered a Pre- eclampsia screening at the same time as down’s syndrome screening, which I felt was important as I had a girlfriend who lost her baby at 7 months because of it, so I was clear that I wanted this extra screening precaution as the NHS do not provide it, only for high risk people. It was £40 well spent for pre-eclampsia screening and peace of mind. The verbal detailed information given by Judith at this is my, was far more comprehensive than I received on the NHS, I was not even sure they checked half the things this is my checked for and it took them almost 20 min’s to find the Nuchal !! I was worried as nothing much was said during the pregnancy scan and the sonographer was not very reassuring. I live in Manchester so it was an hours drive to the Leeds clinic but well worth it, I was worried about my second pregnancy after having a miscarriage earlier this year. I wanted the reassurance to know that everything would be OK with this pregnancy and after searching the Internet found a private centre called this is my, who specialised in pregnancy scans and Down’s syndrome screening in Leeds and the Manchester centre opens Sept. I was overwhelmed by how much extra information this centre gave me as opposed to the NHS. I will certainly continue to see this is my for my next anomaly scan between 18 – 20 weeks and then we will treat ourselves to a 4D scan at the Manchester Centre, as they’ll be open by then. Paying privately for the most precious thing in life is money well spent and my pregnancy care is in good hands with this centre.” Lisa from Manchester

Nicky from Leeds talking about her 4D baby Scan
I’d heard about the Leeds Screening Centre, as many of my friends have been recommended by their midwifes to attend the centre for pregnancy Nuchal ultrasound scans in the first trimester. I am 29 weeks pregnant now and had heard how amazing the 4D baby movie scans were, so I booked an appointment. To see my baby moving around with her little hands covering her face, it was so realistic, she looks so much like her dad!! I’m sure I even saw her give a little smile. I’ve got it confirmed now that I’m having a perfect little baby girl, and not only does the 4d baby scan show me brilliant pictures of my girl, but I was also given a full wellbeing growth report to check that she is healthy and developing well. How re-assuring it is to know, as the last scan on the NHS was at 18 weeks and not very informative. I was issued with a medical report to give to my midwife so my records are all up to date. I have loads of photos on a CD and a movie DVD which I’m going to upload to the internet so all my friends can see her. I cannot wait till she’s born. Thank you very much to all the staff at this is my: Leeds screening centre, I will certainly recommend you to my friends.

N.L from Leeds was referred by her Midwife for a 6 week pregnancy scan in Leeds and says – she was recommended to us and would in turn recommend us to any friends.

K.S from Wakefield attended the Leeds Screening Centre for Addmark first trimester screening, by a friend and tells us why she came to us
– Because of the immediate results, the more detailed screening and recommendations from a number of friends

J.V.P from York was referred by her GP, to book a Nuchal Fold and Bloods and attended our Leeds Centre because our service was Private & fast with results at scan. Detailed information with counselling if needed.

K L from Hull booked an early reassurance scan and found this is my: from the internet because we offered – early screening and listed clearly all the details on the website

H.J from Grimbsy travelled to our centre in Leeds for Addmark Down’s syndrome screening
Because – better predication and false positive rate than the NHS currently offers.

J. Q from Bradford booked a 4D baby scan in Leeds because – her friend had bought a voucher for them as a gift, J.Q goes onto to say – Thank You so much or making our 4d scan something to remember, it was not only a joyous occasion for us as a couple but also very reassuring and professional in a pleasant friendly environment. Lovely!

V. B booked an IVF pelvic scan and blood tests in Leeds, as they were required prior to travelling to Barcelona for IVF treatment. V.B goes onto tell us that
the receptionists were always extremely helpful and I was able to book appointments at convenient times with only a couple of days notice. Thank you!

E.T from Salford booked a 4D baby scan the Gold package including movie =DVD and well-being checks and found us on the interne and goes on to inform us that –

the ultrasound technician was fantastic…….she explained it al really well and even when i was worried about something she took the time to ring me and explain it all again
it was 100% great service.

D.B from Bradford booked a gender scan as a gift in Leeds and went on to explain that –
Were so helpful when an anomaly was detected at a gender scan and arranged appointment at fetal medicine which they didn’t have to.

F.B booked first trimester screening Addmark in Leeds as she could have test when I wanted and more accurate than NHS.

S.P? booked a reassurance scan at 12 weeks of pregnancy and was referred by a friend to us. S.P kindly told us -Thank you for your help, the service was brilliant, and I am likely to use the service again.

L from Kirby booked a Nuchal downs’ syndrome screening test in Leeds as –

this was the only place were they offered a scan and a combined blood test for what I required and would happily recommend us to her friends.

A friend referred N. G to Manchester for a baby well-being scan and told us

Very informative and I felt at ease with them even though I was anxious because I thought that there might have been problems. I came away feeling happy and relieved and mostly reassured from the lady who did the scan.
A.D booked a Nuchal scan in Leeds because her friend recommended this is my: Leeds Screening Centre and told us –
The staff were very kind and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable as i was very anxious prior to the scan.

K.E booked an early pregnancy scan in Leeds and found us because

It was a link from the NHS website so I trusted that This Is My must be respectable and trustworthy place.

Additional Comments:
My first baby was born 7 weeks early, so naturally I am very worried about this pregnancy. Early on I had a bad feeling as my pregnancy symptoms disappeared. The early pregnancy scan allowed me to see my baby and hear its heartbeat, putting my mind at rest.

J.Y from Harrogate booked for a Nuchal Scan and was recommended ?strongly by the Harrogate Hospital and went on to let us know that – the lovely girl on reception put me at ease as I was nervous, we found the centre it easy from the directions and Judith put my mind at rest and was very helpful and informative.

Anon from Hull booked a Nuchal Scan in Leeds and told us – First time, Nuchal – NHS gave details of centre. We asked were the directions easy to follow and we had the reply – I think as coming out of town, directions more complicated as not knowing the area. Sat nav always took me to the Royal Mail Centre, across the road! As one way system very difficult to follow! Maybe it was just me!

Chloe from this is my: apologies that the directions were difficult to find and would recommend “Watching out for the BMW Scotthall garage as the landmark on the main road, we’re located behind it.”

When we asked would you recommend our services, the reply was
– I have already commented on a social fertility network informing friends of your services. Many people struggle to find where to have private scans/blood tests.

Chloe replies “Thank you very much”

J. G from Manchester had Down’s syndrome screening in Manchester because -It was the only centre I found that looked for and measured the nasal bone, I was very pleased with the service we received . We didn’t have to wait for an appointment . Judith really made us feel at ease and was very reassuring. Chloe replies, “this is great to hear, thank you”

H. F from Harrogate booked a dating scan. When we asked why did you chose this is my we received the reply – used for all my scans with my 3 year old daughter and wanted peace of mind for all the relevant scans
We then asked “Would you recommend our services” the reply was ” would definitely use for more scans and would recommend to friends”.

R.T from Chester booked a 4D baby silver package scan with this is my in Manchester and told us
“The sonographer was exceptionally helpful and patient, Baby was not in a great position for photos, but she was determined to get some pictures for us and didn’t rush us at all”

J. W

“Used the service during my previous pregnancy and found the service efficient and easier to access than NHS”

D. R from Bradford

An amazing experience, so much information, everything explained, staff lovely.
This is my third and last pregnancy, but if I had another would come to this is my again!
Although £195.00 is a lot of money in todays climate, it was absolutely money well spent and I would recommend this service to anyone.

A.B from Preston

Very efficient, and accessible with Sunday appointments
The lady who did the scan was fantastic

A. R from York

To ensure that I had a reliable Pre- and post IVF support service that could carry out screening/ blood tests and hopefully any future ante-natal care that I may require. Peace of mind, knowing that I am as prepared as I can be for pregnancy and happy that all pre-conception tests and screening are carried out in a stress free environment.

Judith and Emma are very professional and approachable, Well done!
The scan results sent via email were commented on by IVF clinic as being of excellent clarity, thank you .
I only wish that that this service had been in existence for my previous pregnancies. Harley street would not have been necessary

S. H from Shipley

We had a lovely experience at our 4D scan and got some fantastic pictures of our baby. It was also reassuring to hear that our baby was growing well

L. H from Yeadon

I had suffered a miscarriage earlier in the year and decided that I would like the reassurance of earlier scanning in my second pregnancy. This option was unavailable to me on the NHS since it was my first miscarriage. A friend recommended your centre and so I called and booked an appointment

Everything was describes clearly and time was really taken to ensure the best possible views were achieved!

I cannot really comment on the quality that mums-to-be receive from the NHS as unfortunately I didn’t get that far in my first pregnancy. However, money permitting, I would recommend using your service as an alternative for that really good level of personal service
Really appreciated that I was able to have an evening appointment

I am 34 years old and had a miscarriage earlier this year, I didn’t feel I was getting a detailed service from the NHS. Judith explained every detail of the scan results and more, it was a fantastic service compared to the NHS . I was really shocked how much detail and explanation went into the scan, it was really informative. I will be telling everyone that I know about This is my and the brilliant service you offer.. My overall impression of this is my was that I came home feeling that everything was ok, so my mind was put at ease and felt like a could enjoy the rest of my pregnancy without worrying.

Staff were very accommodating of working hours and the fact that we were experiencing PVB and wanted an appointment fairly urgently. I really appreciated how everything was explained as the scan was being carried out and especially that I could see everything on the over head screen, instead of being shown my baby when the hospital sonographer deemed it OK. I wanted to have additional scans with this pregnancy as we have suffered miscarriages previously. I have found the hospital scanning process to be very clinical and insensitive as well as inefficient. The screening centre staff were all very helpful and reassuring and sensitive to us and gave us the reassurance and information we needed for this pregnancy, which resulted in our beautiful son. Have recommended you to a friend who is in a similar position and will recommend you to anyone I know who is pregnant.

I think it is a very good service for people who want additional scans for whatever the reason. Everything was explained and the paperwork is easy to follow. It was very good as we got an appointment at very short notice. I had a look at several on the internet, I liked the sound of this one and thought the prices were fairly reasonable.

We have 3 scans with my care to date we were extremely happy with each of them, we never felt rushed the scan was explained in detail, the last scan was a short notice scan after sat in an NHS hospital for 3 hours and left worried about our baby we left the hospital and went straight to my care we were met by a lady consultant Emma Ferriman from LGI in Leeds.
She was amazing and put our mind at rest, we were so impressed by her that we opted for the consultant care package also. This is my fourth child and this is the first time I have accessed private scans and consultant care, this has been a lifeline to us. My care is amazing, the staff there are caring and professional especially Emma Ferriman. If we had not been able to access My care my pregnancy would of been a nightmare with only the care of the struggling NHS, which I may add has been nil to date at 14 weeks pregnant.

Brilliantly explained and understood my anxiety as well as accepting without discussion my decision not to have Down Syndrome screening. Very understanding, supportive & reassuring.

We had the scan and Nuchal results from the hospital which came back as a 1 in 25 risk of Down’s. There was no option of further scans or tests, however a friend had received very similar results and recommended yourselves for the Addmark test and further scan. Extremely easy to book and the lady who spoke to my mother in law was very helpful and informative and made us feel at ease. We rang at 5pm and had an appointment for the next day. We knew where it was as soon as you said behind Scotthall BMW / Mini. VERY HELPFUL. We cant thank them enough. We would just like to thank you for the time you spent with us explaining the process to us and making it stress free.

I came for 2 scans and both staff were kind and efficient. I would, however, like to point out that the clinician I saw for my second scan was particularly good – answering all our questions, giving advice and reassurance and generally making the visit a very positive one. If I need a scan in the future I would love to be seen by her again! I was a little confused between the difference of an Add Mark and standard nuchal scan – I note the website is actually a lot clearer now.

“They were brilliant”

I had concerns early on in my pregnancy but had no symptoms that the midwife could use to get me an early scan so she suggested that I could book a scan at this is my. The service was excellent so I had no hesitations in booking again when I wanted to have a private gender scan. Both times I phoned and made my appointment, it was very easy and the staff were very helpful in trying to find a convenient time for me. The Dr carrying out the scan was very helpful and explained everything fully. She was constantly pointing out what part of the baby she was looking at which really put my mind at ease after the hospital scan where the sonographer was mostly silent and didn’t really explain anything. I would not hesitate to use this service again if I needed to, and would definitely encourage others to use the centre if they were looking.

We were so impressed with the clinic that we returned a couple of months later to do the 4D scan of the baby. Again it was a fantastic experience. Everyone involved very professional and the outcome of the scans, excellent.

She took a lot of time to go over everything, explaining all the bits that were visible making it seem more real and less alien. She was also very clear at explaining all the tests and measurements she was taking so we left feeling very secure and not at all fearful.

I had seen some advertising on bus, and my friend endorsed that it was a really good thing to do. She had an early pregnancy scan and recommended it.


Why People Booked with Us:

“Been before when it was Leeds Screening Services”

“It was recommended to us by the IVF clinic”

“Read up on the internet over night and very informative”.

“Used during last pregnancy for 12 wk anomaly scan, used this time for early scan”

“We were given the number by the Nuffield Hospital, I wanted to have additional scans with this pregnancy as we have suffered miscarriages previously”

“Reassurance required due to previous miscarriages”

“For peace of mind re: Downs syndrome etc risk. We were not at any particular risk according to age, family history etc. but wanted to know if everything was OK and the scan meant that we found out a lot earlier than if we’d just had NHS screening carried out. We didn’t tell family and friends that I was pregnant until we had received the good result at the screening centre”

“I have recommended your services, I’ve used you twice”

“Because as an older mother, I wanted to know for sure, if there were any problems”

“Had early scan due to previous miscarriage”

“Recommended by midwife in Halifax”

“I was not happy with the NHS scan I received”

“Offers screening tests as well”

“I heard really good feedback from my GP”

“We wanted a more accurate screening result for Down’s etc”

“Very local”

“My midwife explained that the testing you offered was more conclusive than that available on the NHS. I spoke to quite a few people and the feedback was that at the Leeds Screening Centre you got more time in a more relaxed environment”

“I had scans here with my last baby and like the fact you can have the scans sooner then on the NHS and they are a much higher quality”