Testicular Ultrasound Scan – Male

Ultrasound is being used with increased frequency as a primary investigation of male infertility. The scan is non-invasive and is readily available as a tool for the diagnosis of many disorders of the male reproductive system. Routine scrotal ultrasound provides valuable information in the diagnostic evaluation of the infertile man and substantially more pathological conditions are detected compared to clinical examination. A testicular ultrasound is a good baseline check to investigate and establish if there is an underlying problem which is causing subfertility.

What do we check for on the testicular ultrasound scan?

Testicular or scrotal ultrasound scanning is usually the first line method for examining the testicles and surrounding tissues.

The ultrasound scan will evaluate the size, shape and condition of the:

• Testis / scrotum
• Epididymis
• Surrounding area / sac

Common problems which can show on the scan are:

• Masses / lumps / calcification
• Cysts
• Varicoceles
• Spermatoceles
• Hydrocele
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