Keith’s Story

Keith is a professional Rugby League player, however, after a ruptured Achilles tendon
requiring surgery, he needed help with his physical and mental wellbeing to get back to
his best on the field.


“I ruptured my Achilles late in the year, it affected how I was acting, and how I was acting around the house too, so I decided I needed to seek help and try and fix things. Being able to speak to someone, going over your problems and being in an environment where you’re not judged, you just realise, things like that can get on top of each other. I walked out of each meeting feeling a lot happier, and feeling I could speak about stuff to someone. I worked on small activities in my own time and that helped me out, and I felt like it benefitted me a lot. Health wise this is really important. I wish I knew this stuff earlier in my career as it would have helped me a lot more in Rugby League and, in life.”

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