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this is my: Health Screening and Ultrasound Centres have over 9 years’ experience of offering a private professional medical service for clients wanting protective healthcare from a trusted provider. It is reassuring to know that this is my: is there for you, your family and your next generation.

We offer a wide range of services including prenatal screening, genetic screening, and fertility screening and general diagnostic ultrasound imaging screening.

Our leading team of professionals and world renowned experts have enabled us to develop and offer advanced screening and diagnostic tests many of which are not found within the NHS. With no waiting lists and extended opening hours we offer self-paying and insured clients a fast turnaround of screening tests and results.

Our multi-disciplinary team comprises many well known experts and world leaders.

Professor Howard Cuckle is a world leading screening advisor and current Chairman of the International Prenatal Screening Group, President of the International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis and a Medical Director at this is my.

He has been at the forefront of advances in screening for abnormalities such as Down’s, Edwards’, Patau and many other chromosomal syndromes. Using a combination of ultrasound and maternal blood markers, Addmark and Genmark are still the optimal first and second trimester chromosomal screening tests and not available on the NHS. Addmark uses up to 10 markers and is modelled to detect 93% of Down’s affected pregnancies and put only 1 in 200 women at high risk of an invasive procedure such as amniocentesis or Chronic villus sampling (CVS).

Pre conception and prenatal genetic inherited condition screening is also available and this is my: dna offers screening for condition such as cystic fibrosis, fragile X and spinal muscular atrophy plus an 8 group screening test for the most common Jewish genetic diseases via our Alef8 test.

For those trying for a family via the IVF route we offer support for patients having treatment in the UK or abroad with a pre and post treatment monitoring service which assists in the effective timing of your chosen IVF regime. This not only reduces the need to take expensive and inconvenient trips to your distant IVF clinic but can be also reduce anxiety which can itself assist in a more successful outcome.

We have a completely dedicated specialist team. Fetal medicine consultants include Mr Gerald Mason, Dr Emma Ferriman and also now joining the team is Dr Shuba Barwick a dedicated fetal echo and Paediatric cardiologist. With midwife services, clinical specialist sonographers and physiotherapy supporting this is my: baby our team offers complete private pregnancy healthcare for you and your baby.

We currently have Centres based in Leeds, Manchester, Hull and Sheffield specialising in these four key health screening and diagnostic areas for pregnancy, body health, genetic testing and fertility. New centres are planned for Birmingham and London.

What is Health Screening?

Screening is all about recognising the early signs of a disease or condition allowing you to take action and plan for a healthier life.

What is Ultrasound Scanning?

Ultrasound is a useful non harmful imaging technique used to view various organs and structures in the body which can assist in the diagnosis of the early stages of a problem.

When used in pregnancy it gives safe reassuring images of your baby’s growth, well-being and development, and some of the most outstanding images which can aid your bonding experience.

Why have screen tests?

Many people just require reassurance that all is well. Screening tests can remove that nagging doubt or fear that you may have, that you may pass on or develop a certain disease or condition. If a screen result is given as a high risk then it’s reassuring to know that appropriate medical care can be sought without delay.

How is screening done?

We screen using various methods including simple blood samples, saliva samples and ultrasound imaging or combinations of these. Screening is carried out either locally via a postal screening pack or at one of our centres in Leeds, Manchester, Hull or Sheffield by the appropriate screening coordinators and medical staff.

For all genetic screens this is via a simple blood or saliva sample taken from an individual or couple.

Chromosomal abnormality screening uses a combination of ultrasound imaging and blood sample and so a visit to one our centres is usually required.

How soon do I get my results?

Results from screening test can vary from immediately to up to 3 weeks for the more complex genetic screens. However, trained staff will counsel you on these results and outcomes and should further testing or treatment be required we can arrange this for you.

Are there risks of screening?
With all tests there are limitations. Screening will not tell you if you have the condition just the likelihood of developing or passing on the condition or your pregnancy being affected. A good screening test is one which has a high detection rate and a low positive rate. It is therefore important when booking your screening test to chat any questions through with our screening coordinator or genetic counsellor, to enable you to fully understand what would happen next were you to be given a high risk / positive result and what steps you would need to take to seek any appropriate medical care.

What if I screen positive?

If you screen positive for a genetic condition it will only be passed on to subsequent generations if your partner is also a carrier of the same genetic mutation. If this is the case then there is a one in 4 chance that your subsequent off spring will be affected.

If you screen positive for a chromosomal screening then it will give you a risk figure of the baby being affected. This is only a chance and the vast majority of babies will be normal. For example, if you are given a 1 in 40 risk then there are 39 chances the baby will not have a chromosomal problem and only 1 that it will. Screening can also miss a pregnancy which is affected. For example, our Addmark screen will detect 93% of affected pregnancies but will still miss 7%. It is however the best test as it detects the most affected pregnancies and puts only 0.6% or 1 in 200 pregnancy’s at risk to detect them using an invasive test.

If I don’t have any symptoms should I still book a screening test?

Many conditions and inherited conditions occur in families with no past history of a disease.

Chromosomal conditions such as Down’s syndrome occur within the womb as a result of an extra chromosome which occurs by pure chance. This usually results in a baby with some degree of mental retardation. Inherited genetic diseases including cystic fibrosis and Tay Sachs occur when a couple pass on the same faulty gene. Genetic screening identifies carriers and if a couple are screened and carry the same faulty gene then their subsequent child will have a 25% chance of inheriting both the faulty genes and therefore having the disease.

What are our aims?

Our aim is to provide a fast, affordable direct access service for you as a patient whilst working alongside your GP and any associated healthcare professional.

How do we do this?

An expert team of consultants and specialists allows us to offer you a convenient, flexible and accessible service with rapid and instant access to appointments, results and reports.

Why choose this is my: Screening?

We are a trusted, accredited and regulated healthcare service provider:

Established in 2003;

Care Quality Commission registered;

Indemnity insurance supplied by the medical defence union;

All clinical staff are accredited to their own professional representative body;

Fetal Medicine Foundation accredited.

Will my private health insurance cover the cost of screening ?

This will depend on the test, please ask you insurance provider, we are happy to work with them.

How much does screening cost?

Our screening tests start from £80. For further information can be found under Prices or call one of our screening co-ordinators on 0113 262 1675 who would be happy to help by giving you more information.

How do I book my screening in Leeds, Manchester, Hull or Sheffield?

Call our screening coordinators on 0113 262 1675 or email [email protected] for details of dates, times and location address details.

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