Reassurance scans

6 – 17 weeks
Couple viewing pregnancy scan

Sometimes waiting to see your first glimpse of your baby can be just too much. Our reassurance scans offer you immediate peace of mind. There is no need for a referral and your private report will be welcomed by your NHS doctor & midwife. If you are worried about your pregnancy or simply need to see your baby, a scan will give you the answers you need.

Early reassurance

6-10 weeks

The early stages of pregnancy can be worrisome, especially if you have had a problems previous. Sometimes there’s just nothing worse than not knowing. This scan will address those concerns and explain issues such as unexplained bleeding, lower abdominal pain or excessive nausea and vomiting. It also gives reassurance if you have suffered previous miscarriage or tubal pregnancy. We offer expert opinion and support at a time when strength and kindness is most needed.

Singleton: £80
Multiple: £120

Dating scan

11-14 weeks

Parents don’t always know the date of conception. Accurately dating your pregnancy will ensure you don’t miss out on important pregnancy choices such as early screening opportunities that are only available at the early stages of pregnancy. The dating scan will measure the baby and calculate the expected date of delivery. A pregnancy scan will assess potential problems and also diagnoses twin / multiple pregnancies. It’s also a beautiful bonding experience.

Singleton: £80
Multiple: £120

Anytime early reassurance

6-17 weeks

There can be many moments throughout a pregnancy when seeing your baby and having the opportunity to ask questions independently will support you. This is a convenient 10 minute appointment for those patients who have had a viable pregnancy confirmed by previous ultrasound and simply need the added reassurance that your baby is doing well. We will also give you two beautiful pictures to take away with you.

Singleton: £50
Multiple: £90