Pregnancy Scans

14 – 42 weeks
Pregnant lady looking into camera smiling

Pregnancy Ultrasound

Maybe you want a more detailed screening assessment or just a second opinion in less pressured surroundings. You may be concerned about baby’s position or movements, is it a boy or a girl? Our diagnostic services can be tailored to your needs and naturally integrated with your NHS treatment to give you peace of mind.

Gender scan

18+ weeks

Is it a boy or a girl? This scan will tell you just that. The best time to have your gender scan or fetal sexing scan is from 18 weeks of pregnancy onwards, which at this stage is 98% accurate. Determining the gender is always routinely offered at any of our other scans after 18 weeks, so please ask if you would like to know.

Singleton: £80
Multiple: £120

Anomaly screening

18-24 weeks

The anomaly scan is performed to check the structural development and growth of the baby. It is best performed between 18 – 24 weeks, ideally 20+ weeks. The anomaly scan is verbally discussed with you throughout your scan and we encourage you to ask questions during the process. All the results will be discussed with you at the end and you will have time to ask questions so that you can go home feeling reassured.

Singleton: £120
Multiple: £160

Fetal echo

14-23 weeks

We should be able to pick up major heart problems in over 60% of cases at 14 weeks, 85% at 18 weeks and 90%+ at 23 weeks. Each individual examination is tailored to your needs. For example, if due to a thickened nuchal measurement of 3.5 mm, your baby has a 1 in 30 chance of significant heart problems. Therefore, you may wish to have the cardiac or heart scan at an earlier date to reduce the wait until 23 weeks.

Singleton: £300
Multiple: £450


23-42 weeks

The Well being scan is a check of your baby’s development and size after 24 weeks of pregnancy. For many mothers, it can be a long wait between your final 20 weeks scan until baby’s arrival. Your midwife will check the size of growth using a tape measure, however, over half of small babies are missed. Ultrasound will visually assess and measure the size of your baby and check for movements and measure the blood flow to both baby and placenta.

Singleton: £120
Multiple: £160

growth, presentation & placenta site

24+ weeks

Occasionally you just want to know baby is growing well after 24 weeks and also have the time to discuss these concerns with someone who has time for you and your baby.

Your placenta can be reported as low lying at an earlier scan in your pregnancy.

You are worried about the position and size of your baby close to your delivery date.

This scan will reassess the position of the placenta in relation to the internal os (exit to the uterus). The scan also identifies the position of your baby, whether head down, cephalic or bottom / feet first, breech and do a full growth and estimated fetal weight assessment.

Singleton: £100
Multiple: £140

Anytime reassurance

14-42 weeks

There can be many moments throughout a pregnancy when seeing your baby and having the opportunity to ask questions independently will support you. This is a convenient 10 minute appointment to simply give you the reassurance that your baby is doing well. We will also give you two beautiful pictures to take away with you. If baby is in a good position and greater than 18 week’s gestation, we’ll even check the gender for you.

Singleton: £50
Multiple: £90