NIPT in London: We Answer Your Key Questions

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NIPT in London Available Now

Despite Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) having matured over the last few years, not everyone is aware that NIPT is available to every pregnant woman in London too.

At this is my:baby we have now 2 London sites offering more choice of appointment times in 2 great central locations, the prestigious Harley Street and for those in the East of London, Canary Wharf.

A further 5 centres within the UK and a large number of years’ experience in bringing NIPT to the UK market makes this is my: baby the clear choice, and we offer a standard and competitively priced UK tariff throughout our centres including London. We want to ensure NIPT is made available to as many pregnant women as possible.

With this relatively new advanced test growing in popularity, but sometimes not talked about openly, this article will try and help present answers to all the important questions you may have before deciding which test is best for you and your growing baby.

And… should you have any questions we have a trained team of NIPT advisors happy to be called to answer any question you have.


In simple terms, what is NIPT?

Non-invasive Prenatal Testing is a simple screening test to assess the risk of your unborn baby be affected by Down’s, Edwards’ or Patau’s syndrome from as early as 9 weeks. It involves an ultrasound scan and simple blood test taken from the mother’s arm, just like the standard NHS combined test – but it’s much more accurate than NHS combined screening.

The test usually takes only no more than 30 mins to complete, which means you can fit an appointment within a typical lunch hour, should this be convenient for you.

Is NIPT safe for both me and baby?

NIPT is 100% safe for you both, because it is non-invasive, unlike amniocentesis or Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) which involve introducing a needle into the uterus or womb to obtain pregnancy DNA.

NIPT is still over 99% accurate but involves only a routine ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy and then a small sample of blood is taken from the mother’s arm where pregnancy DNA (cfDNA) is circulating.

If you are over 11 weeks gestation in your pregnancy we also check at the ultrasound that baby is growing and developing normally, looking at many structures including the nuchal measurement and nose bone.

This scan can help provide early reassurance that all looks well structurally and potentially chromosomally low risk whilst you wait for the NIPT result. NIPT is far more accurate than ultrasound alone for assessing the risk of a chromosomal abnormality.

Can I take NIPT with IVF?

Yes. IVF pregnancies can be covered using NIPT screening, including donor egg and surrogate pregnancies

Can I have NIPT if I am expecting twins?

Yes. Twin pregnancies can be covered using NIPT screening, including those conceived with IVF. We cannot however do triplets or more!

What kind of results can I expect?

Whatever your results; we are here to support you throughout your NIPT screen.

NIPT results are categorised into the following 3 outcomes:

    Positive / High-Risk / Aneuploidy Detected: this result is indicative of a very high chance of your pregnancy being affected with a chromosomal condition.

    Negative / Low Risk / No Aneuploidy Detected: this means that your pregnancy is very unlikely to be affected with a chromosomal condition.

    Inconclusive / No Result / Aneuploidy Suspected: The result is inconclusive or not obtainable from the sample of blood drawn.

Please note:

In the unlikely case of you receiving a ‘high-risk’ result, we will strongly advise further counselling with the option of an Amniocentesis or CVS to confirm a result.

In the unlikely case of a ‘no result’, due to a low amount of circulating cfDNA then a free of charge 2nd sample will be offered. As the pregnancy advances the cfDNA increases with gestational age so if a result is not delivered from the first sample, there is much more cfDNA in a second later sample.

When can I expect my results?

We understand that waiting for your results can be a very anxious time for you.

To speed things up, at this is my:baby, you can expect to hear your results from as quickly as 5 working days from the date your blood sample is received at the NIPT lab.

Our team will call you as soon as the results are issued from the laboratory. We will then send a detailed report of results in the post.

Do you offer weekend appointments?

All our screening centres offer weekend and evening appointments so appointment times are more accessible to working clients.

Is there a surcharge for weekend appointments?

No. We believe all our prices should be nationally standardised throughout our centres, which includes central London. Our aim is to help women have choices not only in the testing but also accessibility. Our prices remain constant with no surcharges or penalties for location.

I’ve read the above, but I still wish to speak to an advisor on NIPT in London… what should I do next?

NIPT in London from £395