Fertility abroad

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supporting your choice for treatment abroad

Constraints of the healthcare services in the UK should be no reason to prevent you from having a baby. Women are now opting for treatment abroad and we can offer you support by performing your blood tests & ultrasounds scans whilst liaising with your chosen fertility centre. By lessening your need to travel this helps you to feel more relaxed which can only be beneficial to your chance of conception.

international liaisons

There are an increasing number of couples travelling abroad for fertility treatment. This has led us to develop a strong international program and links with fertility centres throughout Europe.

If you are undergoing fertility treatment abroad and would like to have your monitoring blood test and scans here in the UK, contact us and we’ll happily arrange this with your doctor abroad.

baby-abroad service

We will closely monitor your fertility treatment through regular check-ups prior to the actual day of treatment or transfer. We will usually take a series of blood tests and ultrasound scans, initially to check that all is ready to proceed with the fertility treatment and secondly that the treatment is going according to plan. This can be difficult and costly when you are hundreds of miles from your chosen fertility centre.


We aim to take the stress out of your fertility treatment and work together with your chosen fertility centre towards achieving a successful outcome.

Our comprehensive range of ultrasound and blood testing services are all available to you at a location closer to home, to reduce the stress and cost of having to take numerous trips abroad.

Please contact us if you have any questions and we can liaise with your doctors on your behalf.