Body ultrasound scans overview

Male having body ultrasound scan

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Ultrasound is one of the first ports of call for many clinicians in diagnosing health complaints. if you are feeling unwell or have concerns about your general well-being, ultrasound can rule out many problems with abdominal, pelvic, musculoskeletal and small parts imaging giving you clarity and peace of mind.

Abdomen scan

Both men and women will at some point suffer pain and discomfort. Ultrasound is able to detect a wide number of aliments and importantly rule out some of the more fearful problems. Waiting for things to get better isn’t always helpful to those who need answers. These scans offer peace of mind and clarity to those who are experiencing discomfort in the upper abdomen.

Renal scan

If you are experiencing upper abdominal loin or lower back pain starting in the small of the back, below the ribs or in the lower abdomen it may be that you have a kidney or renal problem which could include for example renal calculi or stones. Feeling nauseous, cloudy urine and a burning sensation when urinating can also be good reason to check out your kidneys with ultrasound. Ultrasound can rule out and diagnose many renal and bladder conditions and results can be sent to your GP who can arrange follow-up if required.

Pelvis scan

Usually this scan is performed for women who suffer pain in the pelvis, have abnormal uterine or vaginal bleeding and is especially important for those who have a family history of ovarian cancer or some other risk for ovarian cancer. It is always a good idea to have regular check ups and there is no need to wait until symptoms arise. This scan is also good for women who are trying to get pregnant as it can highlight possible problems.

Breast scan

Breast scanning is safe and ultrasound has become good at visualising small lumps and imaging implants. On the NHS you may have to wait until you are 50 for breast screening. However, if you are worried about a lump or your implants our breast imaging ultrasound service could give you the reassurance you need.

Mammography is the gold standard for diagnosing malignacy, however, ultrasound can still go a very long way to ensuring all is looking as expected and put your mind at rest.

Testes or Scrotal scan

Testicular or scrotal ultrasound is usually the first line method for examining the testicles and surrounding tissues.

If you are experiencing any pain in the testicle then it is very important to check it out. Also, if you feel a lump then ultrasound will certainly be able to see if there is a real problem or whether this is a normal occurrence.

The scan will evaluate the size, shape and condition of the testes, Epididymis and surrounding sac.

The scan requires no specific preparation.

Small parts

In the medical world we bracket small organs such as thyroid, salivary glands and lumps & bumps into a group known as ‘small parts’ imaging. If you have any part of your body that doesn’t feel quite right, we can take a look with ultrasound. It is important to seek a diagnostic test when you feel a lump or have acute (fast onset of) pain. Don’t hesitate to call us if this is the case.


Our body is a road map of arteries, veins and capillaries. Ultrasound imaging is a non-invasive method of assessing the general patency and performance of these vessels. Scans performed include aortic aneurysm screening, carotid artery screening and imaging for potential deep vein thrombosis (DVT). If you are worried about any part of your body don’t hesitate to call us are we will be happy to advise.

From £80

Musculoskeletal scan (MSK)

This new and dynamic field of expertise has revolutionised the way we care for joint and sporting aliments. Ultrasound offers a real-time assessment that cannot be gained by X-Rays, CT or MRI. You no longer need suffer from unexplained aches and pains, no need to chalk it up to old age. A scan can give you the diagnosis you need and we can refer you for treatment should you need it.