Baby Packages and Antenatal Services

6 – 42 weeks
Cosultant performing ultrasound scan

Consultant care

Your future little star sometimes needs that extra reassurance and star treatment. You can choose from a one off Consultant Obstetrician appointment or opt for a complete package and have all your antenatal care with our expert fetal medicine doctor Dr Emma Ferriman.

Not only will she take care of your baby’s health and well-being but yours too.

Choosing a trusted Consultant Obstetrician who can safely guide you through your pregnancy is naturally a top priority at such an exciting and life-changing time. It is especially important for women who have had a difficult experience in the past or who have concerns about the pending birth.

You want the very best level of care and advice from someone you can fully trust and who will take time to understand your personal choices and the maternity services that you need. Ultimately you want to feel reassured that you are always in the safest of medical hands and know that someone is there should you have any questions.

A one off appointment maybe all you need? A one-on-one discussion can ease your concerns and worries and answer those questions which have been playing on your mind. Our Consultant can offer advice on the following areas;

  • Early Pregnancy Worries.
  • Birth Planning.
  • Screening Options inc Down’s testing, Toxoplasmosis, Strep-B.
  • Postnatal debriefs for difficult birth experiences.
  • Multiple Birth Issues.

Our Consultant also offers complete antenatal care packages so you can have one-to-one expert care and advice. By taking care of you and your baby’s health and well-being from early pregnancy through to 40 weeks, this fully inclusive package is for you if you want complete peace of mind knowing that all your antenatal care is in the safest of our expert hands.

One-on-One Appointment: £120 per 40 minute consultation. (Scans not included).

Fully inclusive package includes all pregnancy scans and antenatal checks.

Singleton: £2,000

Multiple: £3,000

Invoices will be raised at 22 weeks and must be fully paid by 26 weeks.


Ultrasound Antenatal Packages

Your NHS standard ultrasound pregnancy care is usually limited to 2 scans performed at around 12 and 20 weeks. Many clients want that little bit more. They want reassurance and seeing baby via ultrasound can be all that is needed. We are all leading very busy life’s and finding time to have your ultrasound scans on the NHS at the time they offer can be difficult. This is my offer pregnancy scans at a time to suit your needs and also offer packages which complete or replace those offered via the NHS.

Our packages are a comprehensive series of ultrasound pregnancy scans and screening tests at a significant saving compared with the total price of each separate component. Ideal for those with a busy lifestyle who want the convenience of ultrasound scanning & screening when it suits them.

All our scans are performed by clinical specialist and dedicated obstetricians who care about your needs. We have a range of package option available.