Alef8 Genetic Screening Test

The Alef8 Genetic Screening Test screens for seven disorders that are relatively common in Ashkenazi Jews, plus Cystic fibrosis which gives a total screen of eight conditions, this is why the test is known as Alef8.

Each of these conditions can be screened for in a single blood sample.

1 in 30-100 can be affected by these disorders:

Tay Sachs 1 in 25
Canavan disease 1 in 40
Niemann Pick 1 in 90
Bloom syndrome 1 in 100
Familial dysautonomia 1 in 30
Fanconi anaemi 1 in 90
Cystic fibrosis 1 in 25
Mucolipidosis 1 in 100



The rate of carriers in the population (i.e. ‘frequency’) and percentage of carriers with identifiable DNA faults (i.e. ‘detected’) are high:

Fragile X Syndrome 1 in 150 >99%
Spinal Muscular Atrophy 1 in 60 90%
Cystic Fibrosis 1 in 25 >80%
Alef8 1 in 6* 94-99%
Tay-Sachs only 1 in 25 94%

*At least one of the eight Jewish disorders

Single or Couples Screening?

Testing for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Cystic Fibrosis or Alef8 can be done for couples or individuals.

For couples the man’s sample is tested only if the woman is found to be a carrier.

this is my: health screening and ultrasound centres formerly known as Genome Screening Service & Genome Ltd,  offer this specific private genetic testing service nationwide.


Screening packs can be posted to you and simply returned to us in the envelope provided with your blood sample for testing. To request a screening pack or for further information simply telephone 0113 262 1675 or email [email protected].

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