12 weeks pregnant changes

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You can expect a multitude of physical changes even before you’re 12 weeks pregnant. Here’s a few:


• Can you smell something? Chances are your nose will have become hyper sensitive to smells. Common culprits to upset mums-to-be are cigarette smoke or greasy foods as well as favourite perfumes, coffee and curry, all of which could bring on nausea. Your sense of taste goes hand-in-hand with your sense of smell, so certain foods start to taste strange. Many expectant mums describe a metallic taste in their mouths.

• It’s common to feel nauseous and prone to sickness during early pregnancy. This is not restricted to the morninghowever, which is why it’s referred to as ‘pregnancy sickness’ rather than ‘morning sickness’ these days. Some women suffer throughout pregnancy, and some get ‘hyperemesis gravidarum,’ which is severe vomiting that requires medical treatment or even hospitalisation – but if even royalty can suffer from it, there’s no escaping it!

• Being pregnant is hard work, you’re making a human being! Therefore, it’s hardly surprising most expectant mothers find themselves feeling physically exausted and in need of plenty of sleep in the first three months when all the big developments are going on.

• Nosebleeds and dizziness are common due to the increase in blood that’s necessary to sustain you and your baby.

• Your breasts will grow. Make sure to get measured regularly and get a good, supportive, non-wired bra whenever you go up a size. Comfort is key for pregnancy.


Where does this is my:baby come in?~


The early stages of pregnancy can be worrisome, especially if you have had a problem previously. Sometimes there’s just nothing worse than not knowing. Our early reassurance scan will address those concerns and explain issues such as unexplained bleeding, lower abdominal pain or excessive nausea and vomiting. It also gives reassurance if you have suffered previous miscarriage or tubal pregnancy. We offer expert clinical opinion and support at a time when strength and kindness is most needed.  We are proud to be a clinically competent, medically based company!


How large is my baby?


The embryo is measured from ‘crown to rump’ (CRL), which means from the top of the head to the bottom of the spine, and you’ll see this recorded on the report we supply to you to keep with your pregnancy notes.

• At 7 weeks your baby is around 9mm long. As well as continuing to develop features like limb buds, your baby is beginning to move around, but there’s so much space in your amniotic sac that you won’t feel anything yet.

• At 8 weeks your fetus (no longer an embryo by definition) is about 20mm long. The umbilical cord has now formed and your baby is now able to open its mouth.

• At 9 weeks, fingers and toes are developing and although the fingers are webbed at this stage, your baby will have unique fingerprints already. Sex organs are taking shape, although you will have to wait until 16 weeks if you wish to discover the sex using ultrasound. 

• At 10 weeks, your baby will have developed all major organs and have the ability to grab and play with the umbilical cord.


Want to check how your little one is doing? Could there be more than one? Book an early reassurance scan and we’ll guide you every step of the way.