The Nifty Test for Pregnant Women: Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

10+ weeks

At BGI there aim is to apply their high genetic research capacity and well-developed global network to solving current health issues worldwide. They are committed to raising genetic health awareness and reducing the rate of major disease by offering a broad array of accurate, reliable and affordable genetic tests and molecular diagnostics services.

As a market leader in non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT), the NIFTY test, is offered by over 2000 partners in more than 50 countries across the world. As of August 2014, they had processed over 350,000 test samples, making NIFTY the world’s most trusted NIPT screen.

They have a product portfolio which also includes the below test families:

  • Vista – carrier screening tests
  • Nova – newborn screening tests
  • Sentis – screening tests and targeted treatment tests for cancer

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BGI, founded in 1999 with the vision of using genomics to benefit the human race, is now the world’s largest genomics organisation.

BGI includes both private non-profit research institutes and sequencing application commercial units. Together with its affiliated offshoots, BGI Americas and BGI Europe, BGI has established partnerships and collaborations with leading academic and government research institutions as well as global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, to support a variety of healthcare, agricultural, environmental and related applications.
Through a combination of high-throughput, cost-effective genomics platforms, its large sample collection and storage capability, in-depth bioinformatics analysis and a core commitment to education, BGI is dedicated to ensuring that omics science and technology can be made to work for the benefit of everyone.


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COMPANY BGI Diagnostics
Test Origin China
Laboratory Location Hong Kong
Type of cfDNA analysis Massively parallel genomic sequencing
Screen Population GENERAL & HIGH RISK
Number of tests performed >400,000
Clinical data number re test performance >112,000
About the test
Gestational age 10+ weeks
Pregnancies Screened
Naturally conceived YES
IVF (Self) YES
IVF (Donor) YES
Multiples (Twins)
Naturally conceived YES
IVF (Self) YES
IVF (Donor) YES
Risk analysis All give individualized risk score plus high / low result for each patient
Fetal fraction redraw level n/a
Fetal fraction quoted NO
Redraw rate <3%
Chance of result after 2nd blood sample 99%
Chromosomes analysis Current Validated Detection Rates 01/06/2015
Combined false positive rate T12/T18/T13 0.1%
T21 Down’s syndrome >99%
T18 Edwards’ syndrome >98%
T13 Patau’s syndrome >99%
Triploidy n/a
Fetal sex / presence of Y chromosome: accuracy YES: 98% (Singleton only)
Sex Aneuploid Conditions Y aneuploidy (optional no extra charge)
X0 (Turner syndrome) YES (Singleton only)
XXX (Triple X) YES (Singleton only)
XYY (Jacob’s syndrome) YES (Singleton only)
XXY (Klinefelter syndrome) YES (Singleton only)
Micro deletions (Optional) YES (No extra charge)
Turnaround Time (TAT) working days 8 to 10