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4D Baby Scans

4D Baby Scan

Our pregnancy scanning centres in Leeds, Manchester and our new Hull Screening Centre, have kept up to date with the latest 4D technology in ultrasound imaging for over the last 8 years. Sometimes known as a 3D or 4D ultrasound scan, this imaging method has revolutionised the way in which you can see your baby before birth. It allows you to see and experience their movements and expressions more clearly and in a more understandable, visual way than standard 2D black and white ultrasound scanning. The pleasure experienced is reassuring and can enhance your bonding process between you and your baby.

At this is my: baby it is important that we also confirm that your baby is growing and developing according to gestational age. Every 4D scan option comes with a fetal growth scan plus report for your medical records. For those who want added reassurance then we can also measure and assess the blood flow and amniotic fluid levels via our ultimate  Gold 4D Well-being Option.

There are three 4D scanning package options available all specifically devised with your needs in mind and covering nearly every stage in pregnancy.

For the ultimate experience and total reassurance our Gold 4D Well-being Option is ideal for those between 25 – 32 weeks pregnant. Not only will we look at your baby’s growth, well-being and development, but we also check your baby’s blood flow. By assessing the flow in the umbilical artery which is the flow from baby to the placenta and blood flow which passes from you to the placenta we can check that your baby is receiving the correct amount of nourishment to enable your baby to grow. We will also measure the amniotic fluid levels surrounding your baby to give reassurance that your baby has the room to grow properly.

Our Gold 4D well-being package option comes with our fetal well-being scan, fetal gender or sexing if required, report and a minimum of 30 colour images on CD, 15 black and white photographs and a movie DVD.

Our Silver 4D Growth Option is ideal for those between 25 – 32 weeks pregnant who just need a little reassurance all is well with the pregnancy. It can be a long time waiting between your mid trimester or 20 week scan on the NHS and not seeing baby again until birth. Our Silver 4D Growth option gives you that peace of mind with the addition of some great images of your baby too.

Our Silver 4D Growth package comes with a fetal growth scan, fetal gender or sexing if required, report and a minimum of 10 colour images on CD, 5 black and white photographs and a short movie DVD.

Our Bronze 4D Pregnancy Option is ideal for those between 10 – 32 weeks pregnant and will allow you to see images from as early as 10 weeks pregnant. Early in pregnancy the images can be limited but are still rewarding and for those women later in pregnancy and simply looking for a few great pictures of their baby then this is the option for you.

Our Bronze 4D Pregnancy Package comes with a fetal growth scan, report and a minimum of 2 black and white photographs. Fetal gender or sexing if required after 18 weeks. Optional DVD + £15, optional 2 x colour photos on CD + £15

Note: Whilst it is possible to provide 4D scans after 32 weeks, due to baby starting to prepare themselves for birth and the moving position in the womb, it may not be possible to get all the pictures and DVD images we would expect after this  32 week period.  We are very happy to try, but want to be completely open with you before you come in if you’re over 32 weeks pregnant for a 4D scan.

What is included in each package option?

Details of what’s included in each package are shown in the table below.  There are no hidden extra costs to pay. The package you choose depends on what you want to know, how many images you’d like, whether you want a movie DVD of your baby scan or if you’d like to also include a full wellbeing check of your baby with your 4D scan.  If there is anything special you want to request on the Gold 4D option, please ask. One Couple requested if they could record the noise of their babies heart beat onto their iPhone to try and use as a ringtone, we’re confident we can accommodate your wishes.

It’s also important to know that for those who wish to know or have the gender or sex of their baby confirmed, this is included in each package price and is available from 18 weeks gestation. For those who want the surprise on baby’s day of arrival it can be kept a secret!

You’ll be given moving images of your scan on a DVD (included in the Gold and Silver package).  Seeing your baby stretch and yawn is so exciting and capturing it on DVD will make sure the memories will stay with you.  You can even share this experience with friends or family by uploading the included DVD to the internet or maybe it remains safe for when baby is big enough to see for themselves.

4D baby bond scans are available in Leeds, Manchester and Hull. Call us 0845 272 9999 to discuss your requirements or to book your 4D baby bond scan.

Click here to read what our clients say about their 4D baby scans:

R. T booked a Silver 4D scan in Leeds and told us ” The sonographer was exceptionally helpful and patient, baby was not in a great position for photos but she was determined to get some pictures for us and didn’t rush us at all”


Bronze 4D Pregnancy Silver 4D Growth Gold 4D Well-being
Gestation < 24 weeks From 25-32 weeks From 25-32 weeks
Consultation 4D Baby Scan 4D Baby Scan 4D Baby Scan
2D Fetal Growth Scan 4D Baby Scan 4D Baby Scan 4D Baby Scan
Listen to Fetal Heart Beat 4D Baby Scan 4D Baby Scan 4D Baby Scan
Estimate Fetal Weight <24 weeks 4D Baby Scan 4D Baby Scan 4D Baby Scan
Umbilical Artery Doppler 4D Baby Scan 4D Baby Scan 4D Baby Scan
Uterine Artery Doppler 4D Baby Scan 4D Baby Scan 4D Baby Scan
Amniotic Fluid Assessment Visual Visual Measured
4d Scan 4D Baby Scan 4D Baby Scan 4D Baby Scan
CD Colour Images (minimum) 4D Baby Scan
(Add 2x Images for +£15)
10 30
Black & White Images (minimum) 2 5 15
Moving DVD (minutes) 3-5 (+£15) 5-10 10+
Price £90 £110 £150


Prices are for appointments booked after 20/05/2013

CLAPA, The Cleft Lip and Palate Association, the only UK-wide voluntary organisation specifically helping those with, and affected by, cleft lip and palate. In conjunction with this is my: Health Screening & Ultrasound Centres, formerly known as the Leeds Screening Centre, we are happy to offer parents, who’s unborn baby has been identified as having a cleft lip & palate at the 20 week scan, living in the Humberside, Lancashire and Yorkshire regions, the opportunity of having our 4D Bronze Package FREE OF CHARGE*.  This 4D package includes: consultation, ultrasound 4d scan, fetal gender or sexing if required, 2d fetal growth scan and 2 black and white photos. Optional movie DVD + £15, optional minimum 2 x colour images on CD + £15. 4D ultrasound scans can help to offer detailed information about a cleft lip and /or palate.Parents wishing to have a 4D scan, who live outside these regions, who’s unborn baby has been identified as having a cleft lip & palate at the 20 week scan would be charged a reduced fee of £50.00 with the option of taking a movie DVD +£15 and colour photos on CD +£15.  Clinics due to open in Glasgow and London in 2012.

Please ensure your pregnancy is over 25 weeks when you book your 4D cleft lip/palate can to ensure optimal image clarity.

Please call 0845 272 9999 or visit us at www.thisismy.co.uk for more information or to book your appointment.

CLAPA can be contacted on [email protected] or 0207 833 4883.


Research News: Researchers at the University of Hull are looking for pregnant women and expectant fathers to take part in a research study exploring parents’ experiences of 3/4D scans. If you are interested in taking part, please contact Fran on [email protected] or 07775 276315. Click here to download Information leaflet.


4D Baby Scans

4D baby scans from varying stages of development


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